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Technical boxer shorts made with seamless technology and 3D manufacturing to maximize sweat expulsion, ensuring hygiene and comfort.
4 seasons. Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-odor.

Use temperature range: -5° / + 40°

We recommend washing at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees without fabric softener.


  • Polypropylene by its nature is water-repellent, stain-proof and resistant to mold and bacteria. Polypropylene is non-deformable and resistant, has a minimal electrostatic charge and a low thermal conductivity, equal to that of wool, with the advantage of drying much more quickly. The pleasant sensation of well-being, warm and dry, allows us to define polypropylene as a "comfort fibre".

    This material naturally has a high surface tension. Thanks to this characteristic, water and sweat pass through the fibers very quickly, which makes polypropylene fabrics very useful for the sportswear sector.

    Without the need to add chemical additives, polypropylene has hypoallergenic and anti-odor properties, even after intense physical activity. Particularly suitable for sports underwear, having excellent resistance to acid agents and alkaline sweat, polypropylene guarantees a high level of comfort, practicality and hygienic safety in contact with the skin.

    Polypropylene is the fiber with the lowest specific weight: you can obtain very light garments that allow you to always keep the body dry, thanks to the very low moisture absorption capacity.