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Microfleece made of 100% Polypropylene ® yarn, innovation in fibers

techniques. The dense weave gives the garment excellent warmth , an active shield against the wind and total breathability, furthermore the garment is also water-repellent .

We recommend a tight fit in order to increase the technicality of the garment.

We recommend washing at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees without fabric softener.


  • Lightness

    Polypropylene weighs approximately 30% less than wool and polyester and has the lowest specific weight among textile fibres, guaranteeing practical and space-saving garments.

    Maximum Breathability

    Polypropylene has a lower liquid absorption coefficient and greater permeability to water vapor than other textile fibres. The poor absorption of moisture reduces the amount of liquid that remains in contact with the skin, ensuring benefits for the body and muscles. Furthermore, the high permeability value of PP ensures the rapid transfer of humidity through the fabric and therefore maximum breathability.

    Thermal insulation

    Polypropylene is able to absorb the heat generated by the body during physical activity, keeping it constant for a long time even in the case of intense cold or "stop & go" sports with continuous stops and starts.

    Chemical Resistance to Textile Fibres

    The bacteriostatic qualities and hypoallergenicity of isotactic PP make it the ideal fiber to wear even in extreme sports: where hygienic conditions are put to the test and skin sensitivity is stressed, this material is able to guarantee comfort and well-being.
    The qualities of PP are therefore unquestionably superior to those of any other fiber on the market, whether natural or synthetic.