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Thermal trousers made with a 3D structure , designed for the winter season, with high insulating power but at the same time very breathable. Ideal as underwear, it can also be used as a single garment for a spring trek . The garment is equipped with a small back pocket.

Use temperature range: -20° / + 15°

We recommend washing at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees without fabric softener.


54,00 €Price
  • Maximum breathability

    Dryarn® has very high levels of breathability, unlike many fibers which block the body's normal perspiration or only allow it for a limited time. In the presence of light sporting activity, Dryarn® manages the flow of perspiration vapor in such a way as not to unbalance the thermoregulation system and keep the skin dry. In the presence of high physical effort, Dryarn® is able to collect sweat (in a liquid state) and transfer it from the skin, along the surface of the fibers, to the outside of the fabric, releasing it into the environment in an extremely fast and effective way.

    Your skin's thermostat

    Dryarn® has the highest insulating capacity as it has the lowest thermal conductivity of any other fiber and therefore insulates better from the external climate. Dryarn® creates a breathable barrier that acts as an insulator at the entrance and as a vehicle for sweat towards the outside. An insulating and protective yet breathable barrier that keeps the skin always dry, warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months.

    Lightweight by nature

    If in sports competitions a few grams are enough to gain many precious seconds, in free time the lightness of a garment increases the pleasure of wearing it. Thanks to its low specific weight, Dryarn® allows you to create extremely light garments while maintaining the thermal insulation capacity, allowing you to lighten the number of garments to wear to the full advantage of comfort.

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